Jan Zikan

VP of Engineering

Jan “Ziggy” Zikán joined Newsmatics full-time as the Vice President of Engineering in November 2021 after working for the company as a part-time consultant for about a year. He has more than 20 years of experience as a software engineer, web developer, and programmer.

In his current role, Ziggy builds and oversees a high-performing tech team, manages projects, and devises a long-term plan for the department. He also develops the technology used by Newsmatics’ current and future product line, including EIN Presswire and its AI press release generator, Affinity Group Publishing, Newsmatics News Index, and Perspectify. He analyzes projects, writes specifications, designs system architecture, documents processes, and reviews code.

Ziggy believes in the work Newsmatics produces because it has become difficult to find reliable and trustworthy sources of data and information. He seeks to provide news consumers with a perspective to step outside of their bubble to uncover the truth.

Ziggy has lived in Prague, Czech Republic his entire life. Both of his parents are software engineers, so he began tinkering with video game design at the tender age of 10. Passionate about data analysis, he went on to earn a master’s degree in software engineering from Czech Technical University in Prague and has continued his education by taking online courses in programming, data science, startup engineering, social network analysis, and gamification.

Connect with Jan on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/janzikan/

Jan Zikan, Newsmatics
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