Jakub Leps

Chief Content Officer

Jakub Leps has been with Newsmatics since August 2000. He joined the company as Chief Editor, overseeing news websites such as Central Europe Online, Inside China Today, and U.S. Politics Today, and was promoted to his current position of Chief Content Officer in January 2023.

He is responsible for most aspects of Newsmatics’ news content, which combines editorial and data analysis. He has found satisfaction in the planning and development of Newsmatics’ product line, including Perspectify, Affinity Group Publishing, and EIN Presswire’s AI press release generator, and now seeing these products be utilized by customers.

Versatile and multi-skilled, Jakub has also excelled in politics and academia. He served as the deputy mayor of Prague 11, one of the city’s districts, and is a member of TOP 09, a liberal-conservative political party in the Czech Republic, and the Prague City Government Assembly since 2022.

In 1999, Jakub attended a summer program at Georgetown University, including an internship at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. He was also awarded the prestigious Fulbright Scholarship in 2002-2003, which allowed him to conduct research on U.S.-China relations at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Originally from Benesov, Czechia, Jakub holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Master of Arts in American Studies from Charles University in Prague, as well as a Master of Arts in Political Science from Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria. Jakub is one of 25 distinguished alumni to earn CEU’s Alumni Impact Award.

Since 1999, he has been teaching courses about American government and politics, social and economic aspects of globalization, American-Chinese relations, and more at universities in Prague.

Connect with Jakub on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/jakub-leps/

Jakub Leps, Newsmatics
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