Iva Hanusova

VP Customer Support

Iva Hanusova joined Newsmatics in February 2019 and currently serves as a customer support manager. She was previously a customer service back office representative, supervisor, and trainer.

In her role, she manages and monitors daily assignments, workflow, and key performance indicators, analyzes and reports results and issues to senior management, ensures the company’s policies and procedures are adhered to, and leads on-site customer meetings and training sessions. She loves working in the fast-paced, innovative environment that Newsmatics provides.

Since joining Newsmatics, Iva has developed team and people management skills and an understanding of cultural differences, as well as learned how to streamline communication between team members and departments.

A native of the Czech Republic, Iva grew up in Hradec Králové and now calls Prague home. In addition to a Masters of Arts in English and Russian Philology from Palacký University Olomouc in the Czech Republic, she also earned a Certificate of Proficiency in English from the University of Cambridge, Certificate of Legal English Course for Translators and Interpreters from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague, and a diploma of Spanish as a second language. Prior to joining Newsmatics, the multi-lingual Iva was an English, Russian, and Czech translator, moderator, and language teacher.

Connect with Iva on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/iva-hanusova-991a6581/

Iva Hanusova, Newsmatics
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