Ruby Developer (EU)

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a colleague to join our development team - a partner who is intelligent, hard working and wants to see the results at the end of the day. The global news world may change as a result of your efforts!

We will be happy to welcome you if you are not only capable and consistent, but also able to think critically about projects, take ownership of them and move them forward. And since this is a transnational project, at least basic communication in English is expected. Because we are a fully remote team, previous experience working remotely is an advantage.

What awaits you here?

Your main challenge will be to rewrite our system. In a small team of developers, you will have the opportunity to participate in the design of APIs for various parts of the system (authentication, payments, work with articles) and their implementation. You will have the opportunity to develop our flagship products and also create internal tools.

We have been running Ruby applications in production for ten years, but you will not have to deal with the legacy code. The original system is to serve only as a reference for the new back-end, which we want to write cleanly, using a modern approach, without unnecessary parts and covered with tests.

Our stack:

  • Grape / Sinatra (in older applications you may come across Ramaze)
  • Sequel for working with SQL databases
  • Apiary for API design and documentation
  • Automatic tests in RSpec

Tools used:

  • Git
  • GitHub (in addition to hosting the code itself, we use it for code reviews and GitHub Actions for CI)
  • Linear for project planning

We have terabytes of valuable data, to work with them we use a combination of the best of relational (MariaDB) and noSQL (Cassandra) databases and Sphinx full text index.

How do we work

We all work 100% of the time from home, we have flexible working hours, but a regular call at least once a week. We are in daily contact via Slack.
We develop software in an agile way in 2 weeks sprints. We do code reviews and try to share our know-how and develop professionally.

What do we offer

  • Full time contract
  • Flexible working hours
  • Cooperation on a major transnational news service project
  • International team composed of enthusiastic specialists who can really shine on projects
  • Open, friendly environment
  • Paid leave

To apply for this position

Please send your CV and a bit about yourself to us at
We look forward to working with you!